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About us

Martyna Konowrocka

Martyna Konowrocka, at the age of only 22, created and runs the Mart's Bags company. This business is the leader in production of ecological cotton bags in Europe. Currently, the company produces one million cotton bags annually

Initially, the company has been on the Polish market, but in a relatively short time the activity gained its fans and customers in other countries of the old continent.

Martyna's vision of the company is based on ecological production of goods and supporting and promoting Polish business.

The businesswoman grew up in an enterprising home. She graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics and started her business in 2007 after a short attempt of full-time work. She created her own vision of a cotton bag, focusing on the highest quality of workmanship and the possibility of full personalization of the product. All her products are made in Poland from natural materials.

In private life, Martyna is a full-time mother - she brings up two children with her husband, runs a large house and enjoys spending time with her family. She is also a travel lover, and in her free time she trains fitness. 

Promoting value is an integral part of the daily functioning of Mart's Bags and communication with the client. Cotton products support other brands and inspire at the same time. Concern for the environment and Eco productions are currently in vogue, and Martyna, as one of the pioneers, started this trend in marketing 13 years ago.

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Mission - vision

The company's vision is based on ecological production of goods, supporting and promoting Polish business. We are committed to responsible production and the reuse of resources. We promote the change of consumption habits, create a style, inspire and educate, we take part in creating the image and raise the prestige of advertising.
We offer ecological solutions on the advertising gadgets market. Cotton products support other brands and influence at the same time, they are perfect as an advertising medium. Our bags are stylish and are perfect for urban spaces

About us

We are the European leader in the production of personalized printed cotton products. Our offer includes bags, backpacks, pouches, vanity cases and aprons. We focus on the highest quality of materials and the aesthetics of products, as well as the possibility of full personalization of the bag – from model matching to finishing, type of marking and accessories. Currently, we produce one million cotton bags per year. As the first company in the advertising industry, we offer cotton bags that are sewn in Poland from natural materials, for order quantities of more than 100 pieces, in 15 working days.

Our competitive advantage is a large selection of materials and accessories, organic and recycled fabrics, a wide selection of ready-made models, the possibility of personalizing the product from model matching to finishing. In a few simple steps, the customer can create his/her own bag through our website http://martsbags.com/ . Just choose: model or size, type of fabric, color, accessories and attach your logo or graphics. Due to the fact that the bags are made to order, the customer can freely adapt the product to one’s needs. Our cotton products are directed to companies, institutions, brands in every industry that are looking for ecological gadgets, packaging for products or cotton products for retail sale in their stores.

The position of the Mart's Bags brand on the market is well established. Customers appreciate the quality of our products, high level of customer service and flexibility. Our clients include a large group of people who regularly return with an order every year, quarterly or even monthly. Among our clients there are also those who order bags from us from the very beginning of the brand's creation. In addition, advertising agencies and intermediaries from abroad cooperate with us on a permanent basis. We currently have our exclusive representation in France.

We have our own sewing room and printing house

We have our own modern sewing and cutting room. We have a modern machine park based on high-class equipment - craft overlocks with a reinforcing stitch, lockstitch machines with automatic thread cutting and locking. Additionally, we have our own printing house. We will make a print on each bag: screen printing, thermal transfer or DTG.

Our team

Nothing motivates you to work more than a well-coordinated team, developed together course of action and cooperation in the performance of daily duties. This is what work at Mart's Bags is characterized by. The team producing cotton bags includes not only specialists in the field of customer service and logistics, but also invaluable employees of sewing and printing houses.

Contact us to talk to Marta or Piotr who will be happy to advise you in the process of creating your own bag or visit us in our office in Marki and get to know them in person. If you want to create an advertisement, call Diana and introduce your offer or ask about the possibilities. In matters of payment, Daria will answer your questions, while Rafał and Marcin will make sure that your order is perfectly packed and shipped with the right transport.
What if you want to order a bag abroad? Ola and Emilia will take care of the whole process and personally take care of the details.

Everything is supervised by Martyna. She approaches each client with her whole heart and makes sure that everything goes according to the plan.

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Our Cotton Products

Our company is primarily associated with the production of bags and no wonder - we have 18 ready-made models to offer, differing in size and type of handles. We divided them into: flat bags, flat bottom bags and bottom and side bags.Starting with basic ones for everyday use (e.g. TS, TM01, TM15), through larger travel bags (TM09, TM06, TM16), ending with smaller ones - for special occasions (TM20, TM13).
We offer seven ecological materials to choose from: cotton 150g, panama 260g, canvas280g, canvas 320g, organic 150g, organic 220g and recycled 150g. The first three are available in a wide range of colors. Dyed cotton looks very distinct and works perfectly as an advertising background. Besides choice of colors, we also offer a natural option which looks equally attractive and fits even more into the eco fashion.
Furthermore, you can also choose the type of fastening, the width and color of the handles, pockets and eight types of tags! Everyone will find something for himself.

Backpack sack
However, bags are not all that you can order from us! We also use organic and recycled cotton in the production of backpacks. Comfortable, spacious and environmentally friendly - our bags with cotton string, available in many colors are conquering the market. As with bags, we offer a wide selection of backpack materials and colors. When it comes to details we offer three ways to attach the strings: with a tunnel, metal eyelet or a cotton tape. The label can be selected from eight available - for example printed, woven or leather.


Pouches, vanity cases and aprons
We also offer classic bags, tightened with a string on one or two sides. In addition to the traditional most associated with PE classes we can sew much smaller pouches - great for storing small items. Products packed in this pleasant to the touch and durable advertising gadget will certainly make a good impression on the recipients and will stay with them for a longer period of time.

Moreover, we also enable the design of a personalized vanity case. Just choose the material, its color, the color of the zipper and the model - either flat or flat with lining (cotton or polyester). This product will find its application both for storing cosmetics and acting as a case for stationery. It is a very useful sachet beautifully displaying the company's print!For cooking lovers we have prepared something special - a cotton apron. Available in two sizes - S (36 × 55 cm) and M (52 × 74 cm). Choose the color, size, type of pocket, send your logo and let us take care of the rest. Over a dozen of days you will get your own corporate set of aprons. We recommend it for restaurant chains, gastronomic schools and whoever feels a calling to cooking industry!


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We offer Oeko-Tex certified cotton, organic cotton certified by Fairtrade and GOTS, and we were the first in Poland to introduce RCS-certified recycled cotton. The RCS certificate confirms the quality of production, which uses secondary raw materials, and verifies the documentation related to the production.

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