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Mix &Match around the world

Barcelona, a city located on the on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, in the humid subtropical climat. This is where the Mix & Match bag came to visit.

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Visualize your project with Marts Bag`s

One of the elements in the process of creating a cotton bag is determining the graphics that will be printed on the material. Customers prepare the file with the selected design on their own, and then send it to us at info@martsbags.com. Our customer service specialists verify whether the file has been prepared correctly and the graphics it contains can be transferred to the project to create a visualisation. The visualization is to confirm the project, to check if the client's vision is correctly read by our team and if the project still needs corrections. We print vector or raster bitmap graphics on our cotton bags.

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Summer Time only with Mart's Bags

Long and sunny days on the horizon. Time for outdoor business and social meetings. During this time, we can`t forget about proper hydration of the body and about ecology, which Mart's Bags supports and promotes. Our product can become a great advertising medium during summer lunches or company picnics. Made of 100% ecological materials, the cotton bags we produce can be used when you need a unique, product, such as personalized cotton bag for bottles.

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Recycled cotton 190g

Recycled cotton is one of Mart's Bags' flagship materials. It has recently become available, in addition to the standard weight of 150, also in a 190g version. The new material, due to its higher grammage, is thicker which increases the durability of the product. 

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Visit us at the Promo Show, which this year will be on February 8 - 9, 2023 at the EXPO XXI halls in Warsaw. Promo Show 2023 is a continuation of Promo Show Professional, an event from the Hilton Hotel. 

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Ecological bags in the Christmas edition are a multifunctional addition for companies’ this year’s holidays. They will be perfect for packing small gifts for both customers and employees, but you can also use them as an ecological replacement for disposable bags. 

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Cotton products in the food industry

Cotton bags are now a common choice when shopping. This is undoubtedly the best substitute for plastic bags. Reusable, ecological and simply pretty cotton bags fit into the current trends. Entrepreneurs from the food industry willingly use them as advertising materials, but they also introduce cloth bags to the assortment of grocery stores as an alternative to plastic bags.

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Dyeing the fabric

Cotton looks great in its natural state, emphasizing the ecological nature of the material. However, when it is dyed it looks equally good. In our company we make every effort to make the product fully satisfying for the customer, sometimes this requires special treatment of the material.

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Use of a vanity case

A makeup bag is a small gadget, everyone certainly knows its basic use in everyday life. It can also be successfully used in marketing. This small size object will be a great advertising carrier. Thanks to its usefulness your company logo will accompany your customers every day. The use of the cosmetic bag is wider than you think, learn how to creatively use the cotton cosmetic bag with Mart's.

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Cotton bags and drawstring backpacks are two of the most desirable products in our offer. Our efforts aimed at promoting the brand with a fully personalized cotton product, indeed brought us positive results. Personalization of the product guarantees that the product will be 100% suitable for your company.

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Mesta Development

Mesta Development, is a development company operating on the Wroclaw market since 2011. One of its main values is ecology. Just like Marts Bags they value caring for the environment, so the choice of ecological, reusable cotton bags, instead of paper or plastic ones, was obvious for them.

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Organic cotton and recycled cotton are two flagship products of Mart's Bags. They are ideal as material for the production of a cotton bag, but also other products available in our assortment, namely 18 models of bags, bagpacks, pouches, cosmetic bags and aprons. A product made of ecological cotton will look nice and be a business card of your company. Both materials are available in a natural color, so at first glance you can associate them as an eco product.

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An advertising gadget is usually a small object, on which an advertisement is placed, but its effectiveness is invaluable. It is the most popular way of advertising company's logo or name, but it is also used by institutions, offices and organizations of non-commercial character. Marketing gadgets, bearing the company logo or other graphics directly associated with it, are intended for free distribution, which ultimately is to lead to increased sales of products or services.

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Drawstring bags for Ukrainian pupils

General Piotr Szembek Primary School No. 374 has recently organized a collection for children arriving from Ukraine. Teachers have assembled school kits for new students, consisting of materials needed by the youngest to learn, including crayons, drawing pads, paints, pencil cases and backpacks. The school has already managed to donate over 30 such school kits.

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EKO gadgets

Nowadays being EKO is not only a philosophy, but also a trend on the gadgets market. Every company owner dreams about the most effective promotion of his business, but it is worth promoting it in an environmentally friendly way. Such an approach will bring many benefits to the world, as well as to the promoted venture, which will gain in the eyes of the audience. Promotional gadgets have existed in the market for a long time and still enjoy their popularity and effectiveness today. It is the most popular way to spread the logo, or the name of the company.

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Weight of materials - does it affect the quality of the product? Materials available at Mart's Bags have different weights, find out what this means and whether it translates into product quality.

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At Mart's Bags, there is a wide variety of fabrics available. Each of the fabrics is an organic variety of cotton. Materials can be distinguished by, among other things, weave and weight. Weave in weaving is a way of interlacing arrangements of threads while creating a fabric. It is unnoticeable at first sight, but very important because it influences the qualities of the fabric.

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How to be eco-friendly during Christmas?

Have you already heard about living this colourful time, filled with family gatherings, in the spirit of No Waste? It turns out that Christmas with an eco-friendly twist can also be extremely atmospheric, beautiful and tasty, without having to stray from tradition!

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Ecology through the eyes of the children

We would like to remind you of a text you could read some time ago - you can find it here (link). The headmaster also commented on our cooperation, expressing his gratitude in a beautiful letter of thanks and appreciation. The backpacks we provided for the pupils are awe-inspiring. We are proud and happy to be part of such a noble cause.

Now, we would like to lift the veil of secrecy and tell you which of the works most impressed the jury. Who knows, maybe you too would like to have such an imprint on your bag? Let's start with the youngest kids (grades 1-4).

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Christmas checklist

At almost every turn, we can reduce the amount of trash we produce. From hand-made decorations - we all have some artistic talent - to planning home-cooked meals and sharing the excess with others (neighbours or family).

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Christmas gift sets for employees and customers

Christmas gifts sets have been composed by us for companies that want to celebrate this year with their employees or customers. You can choose the bigger or the smaller one and each of them is perfect as a gift for both a woman and a man.

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ECO Christmas pouches with you logo

Ecological bags in the Christmas edition are a multifunctional addition for companies’ this year’s holidays. They will be perfect for packing small gifts for both customers and employees, but you can also use them as an ecological replacement for disposable bags. This solution not only reduces the consumption of plastic, but also consumers will be able to purchase already packed gifts.

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How to make an eco gift yourself?

Christmas is coming and with it a lot of preparations associated with this period - including buying gifts. Do you struggle every year with a lack of ideas for gifts for your loved ones, and on top of that you would like not to forget about our planet during this colorful time? We come with help and present ideas for eco gifts that will do the job for everyone!

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Wrap your present in eco

There's no denying that Christmas is a magical time, filled with family gatherings, gifts and decorations. Unfortunately, after Christmas, tons of waste produced from Christmas gift wrappings end up in rubbish tips all over the world. Perhaps this could be prevented? Together we can do something about it - by changing our gift-wrapping habits.

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We support education of leaders

Recently we donated cotton bags for the Holiday Institute of the Tech for Poland Foundation. The event was aimed at preparing future teachers for their work at school and, above all, to give them a new idea about education.

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Let’s play tag! (part I) 

The printed label, on the other hand, is printed on one of three types of material: satin, nylon or polyester. When choosing this method, one of the advantages is the possibility of choosing multicolour printing (depending on the method used: thermal transfer or hot stamp). It is an excellent solution if we care for a tasteful and low-cost brand label. 

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A bag for a Polish shoes manufacturer.

What distinguishes this product is, above all, its multiple use. You can use the bag in many situations. After folding, it does not take too much space in the closet, and after washing it looks like new.

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Bardzo bardzo

Cotton bags are handed out as a souvenir to the musicians who perform on stage. We hope that every time they look at the bag, they will bring back their memories of the concert.

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Ecology through the eyes of the children

Recently, we have cooperated with teachers from the aforementioned school. We have been part of a beautiful story. Due to the limited possibilities of primary school children online learning, one of the teachers came up with a brilliant idea... And we helped to make it happen!

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Mart's Bags in Green Newsweek!

Green Newsweek is a section attached to the polish Newsweek weekly, containing 16 pages of specific ecological solutions available on our market. In the issue that premiered on May 24, we also found ourselves among many responsible and conscious companies. We showed how to combine fashion, advertising and ecology.

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Be eco with Mart's Bags!

Due to the ever-growing need to create and the current pro-eco trends, we present opportunities to take greater care of the environment. Our way of achieving this is by creating 100% organic products. The materials we offer have Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GOTS, RCS and Fairtrade certificates.

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Story of the bag for Trefl S.A.

One of our clients is Trefl company. It is one of the most famous producers of board games, toys and puzzles in Poland.

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MIX & MATCH - A completely different look at a cotton bag

Being on the market for over a dozen years, we are not slowing down! We are developing and constantly looking for new inspirations. Hence our latest proposal – an attempt to redefine what a cotton bag is and can be. Many people have already got used to its typical image. Ordinary, unremarkable, thin, reusable shopping bags - how to breathe some life into it? If you haven't been interested in what cotton has to offer yet, it's time to change it! We present you Mix&Match.

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The second edition of Dziki Przełaj project

This winter, the second edition of the Dziki Przełaj run was held. While 2021 still bears the hallmark of isolation and spending time at home, exercise is important  just as ever. The organization of such an event is not easy, so we are all even more glad that we were able to help as one of the sponsors.

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Cotton bag for Pilecki Institute

This time we made a bag for the Pilecki Institute. It is an organization whose purpose is to commemorate and honour people of merit for the Polish Nation.

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Keep abreast of a breast

The Gorteks company, in cooperation with MART'S BAGS, has enriched its offer with an ecological cotton bag and an eye-catching print in black. The minimalist, feminine silhouette represents both our strength and delicacy.

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Printed tote bag as an advertising gadget

Products bearing the company's logo are an ideal marketing tool, they influence a positive attitude towards a given brand. To increase the reach of your company, choose high-quality and durable products for advertising gadgets.

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Liquor bottle bag

Here is one of our most interesting projects – a cotton bag for 4 bottles of wine. It was created for safe and multiple-use transport of glass bottles

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Gifts for contractors

Giving customers and suppliers gifts for holidays or events important to the company is a popular practice. These activities serve to maintain good business relations, are a nice gesture that improves the atmosphere and at the same time builds the company's position.

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Is it possible to live without plastic?

The campaign  promoting the replacement of ubiquitous plastic with environmentally friendly substitutes has recently ended in Hrubieszów, Poland. Our ecological cotton bags have found their way into the hands of everyone

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Pack samples of your products in elegant bags or cotton bags

Producers of various goods often send their customers pattern books or samples of products, materials or colours. Such templates serve sales and marketing purposes and should therefore be provided appropriately. Preparation of sample products is the first important stage. But then we have to choose the appropriate packaging for the shipment.

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We are at the trade fair, but there is no fair

Have you heard about the International Trade Fairs for Advertising and Printing? For many companies, trade fairs are the time and opportunity to present themselves to the world in person. At the fair, we get to know potential customers and give them the opportunity to talk face to face, touch the product and learn about the activities and production inside out. Advertising fairs are held in several countries and cities in Europe. This event is attended by owners and representatives of many companies from different countries. In one place there are competitors competing with each other for the same client, and at the same time building a venture together in an atmosphere of cooperation. As you can guess, the whole "event" is filled with many emotions.

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Air Forces Museum in Dęblin

In 2021 of the Air Force Museum in Dęblin to accentuate celebrations of their tenth anniversary! We created a cotton bag according to their design in white and navy blue. The design uses the museum's logo inscribed in the form of a round shield, as a reference to a military emblem or a military patch.

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Cotton bag for Medical Pilates

Cotton bags sewn in Mart's Bags are ordered by companies for various purposes. There are many applications for a cloth bag in business. The marketing and sales departments are mainly interested in material products.

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Create your own bag

The process of creating a cotton bag from the customer's point of view is relatively simple. In a few simple steps, the idea is made into a finished product. However, the most important thing is the very beginning. The moment of creating the project, which determines further work in our sewing and printing house. Now let's go through the entire process of creating a project.

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Linen bag — Do you know six reasons why you should choose linen?

A linen bag, just like a cotton bag, is a frequently chosen product among marketers as an ideal item on which an advertisement can be printed. Why perfect?

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We are starting a new year!

Summing up the last 12 months, I must say that despite many adversities that have been brought about by global events, this time was full of business challenges that resulted in development and prosperity. Like most companies, we worked in a remote or hybrid system. It was not always easy, but we achieved our goals together.

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We pack gifts

And now a surprise for our regular customers.

We have prepared gifts for you under the slogan “Let's be healthy and environmentally friendly”. This year, we decided to convey the idea of healthy eating, physical activity and ecological choices along with gifts. What do the gifts contain? You will find out after opening the package. We can only reveal that Anna Lewandowska joined the action with her greats of the Foods by Ann brand.

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Christmas are near

The time that brings a lot of joy, kindness and peace is right behind the corner. Yesterday we prepared tens of thousands of Christmas bags. Today and tomorrow more batches are waiting for us. The holiday atmosphere is good for everyone in our office. Like elves, we dynamically pack custom-made bags and cosmetic bags. We close the orders at the same time creating new bag designs.

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Mart’s Bags on the run Dziki Przełaj (Polish - Wild Cross)

On November 15, 2020, the first edition of the Dziki Przełaj run took place in the city of Zelów, Poland. The organizers of the event were influencers Paulina and Mateusz, who have been passionate about sports for years, train running and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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We are moving forward!

We are moving forward!

The production of cotton bags is not boring. We sew and create on a regular basis. Our Christmas advertising spot appeared on the web making a sensation among our clients.

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Organic & Recycled - new types of cotton at Mart's Bags!

Organic cotton and recycled cotton!

The idea of ​​creating a department with organic and recycled materials arose along with the development of our business. Initially, our products were made of standard types of cotton, but recently we have decided to explore the topic of environmentally friendly materials. We are talking about recycled cotton and cotton produced during organic production. Our offer also includes flax.

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It is good, because it’s Polish!

It is good, because it’s Polish! This is our slogan, which we like to use in our social media, at trade fairs and in articles. Since many years our mission is to promote Polish production and Polish products in our country and abroad. We are interested in supporting local producers and at the same time we try to represent the quality of Polish goods with our products. We are conscious that our eco cotton bags being produced in Poland, represent all the Polish entrepreneurs and manufacturers abroad.

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Local producer or importer?

It is very common that everyone looks for the best place where to buy the the best quality product. It is also not a secret that competition on the market between importers and local producers has been for years, once leaning towards one side and the other time towards another. In the end, importing which means transporting products from abroad is usually a much cheaper way to stock up in resources.

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You can find us in the shops

There was an opening of the MKTP store on 14 October 2020 in Warsaw on Sarmacka street 16, in which we participated as a producer of cotton bags. Our bags will stay in this store for much longer. Do you know why?

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Bags for everyday

Do you agree that cotton bags are useful every day? 

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Beach bag with cloud

Beach bag with a cloud. This model of a cotton bag is exceptionally spacious and handy. All the necessary things for a holiday sunbathing can fit into it without any problems. When the holiday season approaches, original beach bags, made as one-of-a-kind handicrafts, are starting to be popular. Everyone who goes on vacation to the seaside or lakes dreams of looking special and showing the world their unique style. Practical and at the same time original beach bags are a great idea to vary your holiday styling and a guarantee that even in the largest crowd it will allow you to stand out.

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What the rabbit hid in the bag?

What the rabbit hid in the bag?

Everyone is giving out gifts for Christmas. Why not for Easter? Surprise your customers, give everybody a bag full of gifts in spring.

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The Witcher is a fantastic story

The Witcher is a fanstastic story.

Do you have to be a fan of computer or fantasy games to hear about the success of The Witcher at least once? I admit that I didn't know this game until we first produced cotton bags with the main character.

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Rema Days

The International Advertising and Printing Fair called RemaDays Warsaw is the largest event in the advertising industry in Central Europe. During 3 days, 15,000 industry practitioners meet on an area of approximately 14,000 m2. It is a combination of four exhibition sectors (over 570 exhibitors). Mart's Bags was there too. We were there too. Thanks to everyone who visited us.

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Keep calm

“Keep calm and be a dentist” eco-bag made for a provider of dental supplies and solutions.

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Limited Christmas edition of Christmas-themed sacks

Pack your gifts in a Christmas sack.

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Seksmisja shoulder bags

The Polish comedy of the century recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. The Empik store chain has decided to remind the most recognizable quotations from this cult film by Juliusz Machulski and place them on bags, mugs and notebooks in the second edition of the ‘Seksmisja’ line.
We are proud to present shoulder bags produced by Mart’s Bags. We like it.

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Wschód Kultury to nowa forma współpracy kulturalnej miast Polski Wschodniej z krajami Partnerstwa Wschodniego. Z tej okazji wyprodukowaliśmy 3000 sztuk toreb bawełnianych z nadrukiem projektu.

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