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Below are the answers to the most frequent questions. 
If you have more questions, please contact our sales department.

1. What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

2. What is the order fulfillment time?

The deadline for completing the order is 15 – 20 business days.

3. Do we make bags in non-standard dimensions?

Yes. Our offer includes eighteen models of bags, four models of backpacks and cosmetic bags. We also have pouches and aprons available in two models. All products can be personalized according to your needs.

4. Do we prepare a graphic design from scratch?

Most clients provide their own graphic designs, yet, it is possible for our company to prepare such a design based on the guidelines. Preparation of a graphic design that will be printed on the bag is additionally payable.

5. What is the ordering process?
  1. The customer sends the specification of the bag with complete data and graphic files.
  2. Our sales department prepares the offer and the visualization of the printed bag.
  3. After the customer accepts the visualization, we prepare proforma documents and invoice.
  4. After receiving a scan of the signed order and payment confirmation, the order is accepted for processing.
6. What data should be sent to get a quote?
  • bag model
  • information on what material the bag is to be made of
  • color
  • information about accessories - type of label, fasteners, pockets, if any
  • file with graphics for printing
  • selected printing method
  • number of pieces in the order
7. Do we make jute bags?

No. Our bags are made of:

  • Standard cotton
    • cotton 150g
    • panama 260g
    • canvas 280g
    • canvas 320g
  • Organic & Recycled cotton
    • organic 150g
    • organic 220g
    • recycled 150g
8. Can you speed up the implementation time?

The time allocated for the execution of the order is 15 – 20 business days. The execution time depends on the number of changes introduced when creating the visualization, the number of tests and additions made. On our part, we try to complete each order as soon as possible.

9. Why is the waiting time so long?

On-time implementation consists of the preparation and approval of the visualization, selection of materials and tests, delivery of signed documents and delivery.

10. What is the price of the product?

The cost of the product depends on the material, size, accessories, printing method, number of colors and number of pieces.

11. What is the cost of visualization?

The visualization is prepared free of charge.

12. How do we stand out from the competition?
  • Our products are characterized by high quality materials confirmed by certificates, careful and aesthetic design and a wide selection of additives in the ECO, Standard and Organic & Recycled categories.
  • We have a wide range of models composed on the basis of the experience and needs of our customers.
  • We offer the possibility of personalizing each order.
  • We offer the possibility of creating graphics based on your needs, and we prepare visualization for free.
  • We have our own modern sewing and cutting room. We have a modern machine park, based on high-class equipment - industrial overlocks with a reinforcing stitch, lockstitch machines with automatic thread trimming and locking.
  • We also have our own extensive marking machine park. We will make a print on each bag: screen printing, embroidery, thermal transfer.
  • We have a wide portfolio and a large database of samples and templates.
  • Our sales department responds to customer questions within an hour, in Poland and abroad.
13. Can I get material samples?

Yes, you can get samples of materials and colors or a sample bag.

14. Is the shipping of samples free?

A package of material samples and sample products is sent to customers free of charge

Price stencils and a package of products from the Organic & Recycled category are available for purchase.

The customer only bears the cost of the courier service.

15. Can the goods be picked up in person?

Yes. Mart's Bags office is located in Marki near Warsaw at Słoneczna 2 Street.

16. What is the cost of delivery?

Shipping to one collection point in Poland is free. Shipping abroad depends on the courier's price lists for a given country and the size and weight of the package.

17. How many colors can we print graphics with screen printing?

We can print eight colors on a white or natural bag. On a colored bag (the so-called mix color) we can print up to seven colors, because on a dark substrate we give paint for printing, i.e. the so-called primer.

18. What color palette do we base on?

Pantone Solid Coated color palettes.

19. Can materials and colors be mixed?

Yes. You can choose different color and material for the bag and different for handles.

20. Which printing method is more durable?

The most durable method of printing is screen printing.

21. How to use bags so that they do not get damaged?

The bags should be hand washed at 30 degrees Celsius.

22. What certificates do we have for our bags:
  • OEKO TEX certificate
  • Fairtrade certificate
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • RCS 100 - Recycled Claim Standard
23. Which country is the material from?

Our materials come from Indonesia and India. The dyeing of the material takes place in Poland.

24. Are the bags produced in Poland?

Yes. Our products are sewn in Poland, the print is also made in Poland.