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Cotton Bag TM15

width: 38 cm

height: 41 cm

handles width: 4 cm


A bag with the dimensions of our standard model, but with a distinctive color combination. Create a unique product by choosing from a palette of available colors and materials. The bag is produced in two types:

Type I - front in a different color, back in a different color.

Type II - a bag consisting of three elements of materials, front and back in a different color, the bottom of the bag in a different color.

In case of both types, the handles can also be in the selected color. Their width is 4 cm. In addition to the colorfulness of this bag, we also offer a choice of logo marking, type of tag, additional fasteners or a pocket. Match all the details with your vision and give your employees or customers this eco-friendly gadget!

Our bags are entirely produced in Poland. As the only company in Europe, we use materials made of recycled cotton and organic cotton. When you buy from us, you care about the environment, choose eco over plastic and support Polish enterprises.

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