Recycled cotton 190g

Published: 07/03/2023

Recycled cotton is one of Mart's Bags' flagship materials. It has recently become available, in addition to the standard weight of 150, also in a 190g version. The new material, due to its higher grammage, is thicker which increases the durability of the product. Thanks to the more durable formula, you can enjoy your cotton product even longer.

Recycled 190g material - what is worth to know?

Garment factories generate waste from trimming materials. This waste used to be discarded, but the latest technologies have helped reuse it to produce recycled yarns. These yarns are produced using cotton waste and fibers from also recycled PET bottles.

The process of making recycled yarn begins with collecting the waste that is generated in garment factories, then it is sorted by color and shredded into cotton using "beating" machines. To increase the strength of the resulting cotton, recycled fibers from PET bottles are added at a ratio of 5-10%.



Developed processes for recovering raw materials and creating successive life cycles lead to products of very high quality. Mart's Bags follows the increasingly thriving field of using recycled materials. For this reason, the fabrics used in the production of our products are tested and authorized by the Textile Exchange organization with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification .

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